The album “L’Hermaphrodite” released with the label Klarthe in march 2020 available here.

“A luminous and intimate performance ”
Hugo Pabst for Classiquenews

“The emotions, the feelings in the broken chords are of an almost indecent beauty.”
Classique HD

“May Laurianne Corneille be a companion to music lovers enamoured with novelty, invention and sensuality”
Frédérick Casadeus for Mediapart.

Nomad Play

Recordings for the Nomadplay application with the bassoonist Henri Roman and the clarinetist Florent Pujuila, available here.

Four-hand Anagrams

Released in november 2018, this work edited by Actes Sud is accompanied by improvisations by Karol Beffa and a piece by Jacques Perry-Salkow, recorded by Thomas Vingtrinier at the Studio Sequenza.
(Listen here)