“Frenzied with an olympian calm, Apollonian and Dionysian, both Eusébius and Florestan….Rarely has Schumann’s piano sounded with such poetry and ease, as in the hands of Laurianne Corneille. “
Karol Beffa, pianiste compositeur et musicologue.

“Laurianne Corneille possesses the perfect touch, an extreme sensitivity and an individual sense of space in time which allows her to offer, throughout this superb Schumann recording, a long journey passing from deepest contemplation to soaring and searing lyrical lines.”
Gabriel Le Magadure, Quator Ebène

“In this age of consumerisation of ephemeral artists, Laurianne Corneille offers us her extraordinary sensitivity and sincerity. An act which would have seemed natural a few decades ago, but which has become a rarity today. “
Mathieu Franot, Les Frivolités Parisiennes

“There is, in the playing style of Laurianne Corneille, a hidden crack which all of a sudden, takes us directly to the composer, showing him in a situation of exceptional intimacy. In lugubrious Düsseldorf, the “absent heat” is sat at his piano, bent over “the songs of dawn”. Pieces that are “difficult to understand”, of a “really very strange” tone, in the words of Clara Schumann. “Resilience” , “serene sky” in the hands of Laurianne Corneille.”
Jacques Perry-Salkow, author most notably of “Four-handed Anagrams. A vagabond story of musicians and their works”, with Karol Beffa, Actes Sud, 2018.

“Laurianne Corneille is a moving and refined pianist and I am constantly impressed by her great innate feeling for the music, always practiced with integrity, intelligence and overwhelming musicality”.
Alain Lefèvre, pianist.